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Andy Caddick

The fragility of strength

The fragility of strength

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The juxtaposition of two of natures most symbolic creatures reflect the fragility that our own strength has. Strength isn't always eternal, it rises and falls like the tide of the ocean and even something that can overcome great challenges, can be shattered by something as fragile as the wings of a butterfly.

Sized at 50cm x 50cm, this stunning original is now available to purchase.  It is painted with acrylic paints on board and comes framed.  This will be custom framed to order in a black solid wood floating frame that really makes this luxury item stand out from the crowd and become a focal point in any room

Please allow up to 14 days delivery due to the bespoke framing 

UK shipping is included along certificate of authenticity with documents holder.

This breath-taking piece will no doubt bring an everlasting subject of joy and wonder.


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