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Andy Caddick

Resilience Ltd. Edition Rolled Canvas

Resilience Ltd. Edition Rolled Canvas

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One of my most acclaimed pieces, a beautiful Sumatran tiger painting.

A very gentle looking portrait of this heavily threatened species.  This piece contains many hidden details that the viewer discovers the more they look upon it.

'You never know when you are on the verge of making a breakthrough.  You never know that success may be only a decision away.  That is why you keep moving forward, taking each step without hesitation.  That is why you pick yourself up when you fall down, why you push forward through the pain.

There are periods in life, when we feel that every turn we make, every step forward, is somehow obstructed by obstacles.  There just doesn't seem to be any let up from the 'battle'.  At the time, it's very difficult to see past these, but when the clouds have parted and you can evaluate things in a new light, you realise that you made it.  Your resilience to problems is what got you where you are.'

All good things take time, but they will come to you, keep going and your time will come.



Fine art 100% cotton canvas

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