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Andy Caddick

Fragility of Strength Ltd edition rolled canvas

Fragility of Strength Ltd edition rolled canvas

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A lion painting with a group of butterflies added.  The symbolism of this piece was a powerful one for me, and the story/emotion is was aiming to portray came well before the brush stroke was laid.

'The juxtaposition of two of natures most symbolic creatures, the Lion and the butterfly, reflect the fragility that our own strength has. Strength isn't always eternal, it rises and falls like the tide of the ocean and even something that can overcome great challenges, can be shattered by something as fragile as the wings of a butterfly.

  An image that holds a special place for me.  The original is with a collector who was deeply touched by this painting.  It reminded her of a deep emotional loss and just how fragile we all really are.  There are things in our lifetime we can never plan for, we have no control over.  Never forget that no matter how strong someone may appear to be, that strength can be broken and we all have an element of fragility and vulnerability.'



Fine art 100% cotton canvas

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