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Andy Caddick

Anticipation Framed Canvas

Anticipation Framed Canvas

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Our future is much like an unopened door. The room beyond may be filled with so much expectation and dreams of better things, that door can be held open for us but we have to take responsibility for stepping inside the room on our own.

Courage to do the unknown may seem daunting.

Courage doesn't have to be an elaborate display of strength , sometimes courage can be a quiet voice that talks to us and simply whispers that we will try again tomorrow. You don't fail, you simply create a moment to reflect upon and learn.

Never give up.

Our framed canvas is a 38mm stretched canvas within a traditional picture frame. The simple addition of a wooden picture frame creates a completely new form of wall art, quite distinct to a standard canvas. The thin frame sits approximately 5mm from the edge of the canvas helping create a floating border. 


Fine art canvas prints with wooden tray floating frame

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