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A Unity of Strengths

A Unity of Strengths

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It was during a time where I had found a new admiration and understanding of how the joint focus of separate entities (or two people) can create a unity that overcomes all adversity and reaches their goal. 

The fire is symbolic of passion and raw energy, that 'something' inside of all of us that makes us focused and driven, that 'something' that makes us yearn for more and to achieve all that we can.  

We are always moving forward, but we constantly live in the moment, the past is a memory and the future is merely a dream but the here and now is where we can make a difference. We all dream, we all have an idea of where or who we want to be, sometimes we go it alone but sometimes we have someone with us that holds that fire and feeds the passion and the drive. That bond is unstoppable and anything can be achieved.


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