I offer a bespoke commisioning service tailored to exactly what you want.

It may be specific wildlife subject or portrait of your pet

I have a number of options regrading sizes and framing and cost will depend entirely on the size of the subject and complexity of the subject, i.e. if there is one or more subjects to complete the composition.

Prices start from £400.00 but I would ask that you contact me so we can discuss exactly what it is that you need. All prices quoted will include delivery in the UK, international commissions will have a shipping fee applied depending on location.

A commission can be something truly special and as I always aim to create my work from emotion, it may be that you want that special gift that refelcts a special or precious moment in your life that can be eternally captured in your own artwork.

Time to complete is normally around 4 weeks but may be quicker depending on schedule or longer if the commission is particularly large or complicated.

A 50% deposit (none-refundable) is asked for prior to starting the commission, to cover the initial costs and time. This is standard practice. I will communicate as much or as little as you wish and share progress with you if you so wish. The remainder of the balance is payable on completion and confirmed satisfaction, the painting will then be shipped out priority delivery.

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