Available courses

Here you will find the currently available courses here at the airbrush academy of fine art.

All courses are delivered on a 1:1 basis so only 3 students can be taken on at any given time. This allows for the absolute best and most effecient learning experience for you. Some students will complete their course far quicker than others so if there are no spaces available, please just contact me and I will inform you of the next available slot.

Please see full product details for information about what materials you will need and what happens after your purchase.

Lets create this together!

As well as learning how to render a photo realistic painting, we will also learn how to adapt from the reference and start to introduce your own creativity to make your work stand out.

I GAURANTEE you will complete this course having gained far more knowledge than you expected and will be able to move forward as an artist and gain the confidence and skills needed to take on any future projects.

Insight into the class, click below to watch