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This somewhat mysterious owl painting is one of pure intrigue.

The dark shadow creates a dynamic pose of this wonderful owl allowing the viewer to really be drawn into the striking details of this photo-realistic painting.  Even in the darkest shadows there are details to be found.

Through the eyes of others, there may be only certain elements that are seen.  We often have things hidden in the shadows that may not on the surface be easily visible, but we all have them.  There is always more to someone than what we initially see, sometimes those elements we hide are wounds, wounds caused by hurt or by pain.  But we hide them well and on the surface there appears to be only perfection.  But beyond this perfection those wounds can lie deep.  

This piece is a testament to the brave face we all sometimes have to put on.  

Don't ever be afraid to sometimes let those wounds come out of the shadows.


Original artwork sized 16 x 16 inches.

Painted with acrylics onto artist wooden panel.

Framing can be arranged if required, contact for details. 

Sold unframed

The absolute essence of bespoke art for your home.





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