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The Final Walk (Original)

The Final Walk (Original)

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This highly acclaimed piece represents the journey of one of the worlds most incredible animals.  

Acrylic on illustration board measuring 50x70cm 

This piece includes framing and will be framed to order 


These incredible animals are killed at a rate of 1 every 15 minutes.  There is every possibility that they may be extinct within the next 10 years.  That is a sobering thought for us all.  This beautiful warm image is testimony to these incredible animals and the troubles and fear they face each and every day.  

Although a darker piece, the warmth of colours give this a very soft aura and a delicate feel, which is in contrast to the magnificent animal it portrays.  Against a light wall, this original art work shines vibrantly and would make a true focal point in any room.  If you have a connection with these animals, then this piece really does bring that connection into your home.


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