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The Awakening

The Awakening

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Some time back, I took a break from painting. As in I put everything away and didn't touch it or think about it for around 10 months.


This was a conscious decision as I was burnt out and felt I'd lost my way and was losing sight of the 'why'. The 'why' being the reason for painting, the thing that makes me for whatever reason want to portray an emotion or story using paint.


I'd swapped around styles and experimented in order to please a third party, I'd made paintings for the sake of it and not because I wanted too or had a passion to do it or a story to be telling. I was chasing something but it was no longer my dream that I was chasing and I felt empty. So empty.


I took time away and forgot all about painting to let me just focus on other things. It did me the world of good.


Towards the last few weeks of this break away, I had started to think about painting again. I felt excited to start something, I didn't know what it was but all I know is one day I woke up and something was telling me it was time to start again.  The awakening was born


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