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Dark Knight

Dark Knight

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We have all been there I'm sure.  Those evenings, or the early hours of the morning when the light has faded, and somehow it's managed to drag away with it any amount of rationale thinking and self belief that we had only hours previously.

There is something about the night time hours, that makes our minds incapable of realising the irrelevance of some of the smaller problems in life.  By that I mean, all those little niggles we have of tasks that need to be done, or certain bills to be paid, all things that on a daily basis crop up and show our brains very little concern or demand much serious thought.

There are also those problems that are very serious that we all unfortunately come against, it ay be physical health, financial worries, relationship issues etc.  During the day, we can for the majority of the time focus our minds and logically approach these issues in a rationale manner, that's not to say they don;t emotional cause us pain or break us down, but we are generally able to consolidate those emotions and tears and stand tall again and work through it.

Yet somehow, in those early hours, these problems are magnified beyond all reasoning. They consume us to the point we can't think logically and are unable to switch off and sleep, which only magnifies the issue and that viscous circle begins.

Then the dawn breaks, and the birds start to sing.......and somehow, for whatever reason, we feel it's going to be ok.  We can face the day again and we can start to process things how we wished we could have hours before when lay in bed!

There is something about the dawn, the start of a new day.  It's as if nature is taking a shower and washing away all the problems of the previous day and starting again.  Giving you that much needed lift of inner strength.

Just remember this when you are awake at night, the worries of the world spinning through your head, depriving you of just a minutes break to allow you to recover.  Just remember that the dawn will break and you will be able to face the day again.  Just remember to not doubt yourself or your ability.  Just remember that we all have been there and will be there again.  

Don't let the dark consume you, howl right back at it and show yourself that you are in control, you are the one that holds all the strength and when that dawn breaks can face anything.


Acrylic on cavas

24x36 inches.


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