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Artemis, the goddess of light and protector of the vulnerable. I often feel it is myself that protects those closest to me, it is my role to assure they are safe and looked after. 

It is by nature as a man we feel this and will look towards the future to see what needs to be done to pave the way safely for our loved ones. 

It was during this period of painting that the realisation of just how much I am also protected struck me. If it wasn't for the one closest to me (my humming bird/wife) then I wouldn't be able to traverse the rocky mountains safely at all. You see, sometimes the focus is so intent on what lies ahead, that it's easy to not see some of the smaller obstacles from the side that can come in our way. 

My safety comes from the humming bird, the 'delicate' companion that I so sincerely have tried to protect. Little did I know that she was protecting me all this time too. 

It's often those that we hold close and protect that actually are the ones protecting us, we just don't realise it sometimes. This painting was about portraying that recognition and will forever be a special image to me.   

I'm grateful I can share it with everyone and hope that the meaning also transcends into others and you can also relate to the power behind this image. This is an image that can mean so much to so many and is the perfect gift to share, along with the story. 

Acrylic on board 24x36 inches


A stunning piece that represents the protection of the strong from those that are often deemed as the vulnerable.


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