Achieve what you are capable of

Don't waste countless hours, months or years learning on your own, picking up bad habits or getting frustrated with progress. I will work with you and make sure your obtain the required skills to move forward on your own. I will always be available to help out even years down the line if need be. Make today the day you invest in yourself.

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"Andy has done an exceptional job of bringing the airbrush into the fine art world. He is a pioneer, and the high quality of his work speaks for itself"

Take your realism to the next level

A whole new website dedicated to teaching artists the secrets behind realism

A revolutionary new teaching platform for artist. You will find a single platform that contains your own profile and subscribed courses. Lifetime access with NO ongoing fees or subscription.

Specialising in realism using acrylic paints, both traditional brush work and airbrush.

With a focus on video downloads and 1:1 coaching and tuition, this is a game changer for anyone serious about making their dreams and goals become a reality

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