Seeing is believing-Just 1 thing to do each day to change your outlook!

Seeing is believing-Just 1 thing to do each day to change your outlook!

We have all been there, and to be honest we will all be there again.........I am talking about those days when you wake up and everything seems a little bit more gloomy than it should.

Those days when it's a struggle to get motivated, everything seems like a laborious task that fills us with dread.  First of all, this is normal, it's absolutely part of life and isn't something that should make you immediately think the worst and that something isn't quite right with you.

The problem is we often (and I am very guilty of this) put ourselves down without realising it.  We feel we are never quite doing enough, we feel we are never performing quite as well as others, not as happy as others and the list goes on. Sound familiar? If so then you, my friend, are in the right place!

I know only too well how a constant inner battle can massively impact your mood and mental well being.  Spending every spare hour trying to do more, often sacrificing time with those closest to us. Yet still feeling that you aren't quite doing enough or that other people seem to be doing 'it' (insert whatever 'it' is appropriate here) so much better and easier than you.  Let me tell you a secret.......they aren't!

One of the  biggest myths we convince ourselves is that everyone else is living the dream and we are somehow stuck behind and not quite good enough to be achieving that.  Well I can assure you, you are good enough.  Our dreams are all different, our goals set at different heights, it matters not what they are and if you are feeling permanently happy and accomplished then that is fantastic and I wish that all your days remain the same.  

Sometimes, we find ourselves so distracted by everything that we haven't yet achieved or don't have in our lives, that we completely lose sight of all the things that we do have.  In a world that is so focussed on social media and seeing everyone share there glorious success to millions if not billions worldwide, then how can you not help but feel like somehow you haven't quite made it.

Achievement and success are infinitely changeable to every person on the planet, but what they all share is that they wanted something that they didn't have before and then they got it.  The latter part of that is where the key lies.....When we get something, that we have achieved or gained through hard work or determination, no matter how big or small, almost the moment we get it, we naturally move on to what is next.  what can I achieve next, what is the next goal.

This in itself is a very healthy way to look at say, a business for example, but when it comes to other factors in our life, when we constantly are looking for the next 'fix' of happiness and achievement, we lose sight of all the things we already have that show us just how much we have already achieved.

Take a moment each morning to remind yourself consciously of everything you have, don't give a seconds thoughts to things you don't yet have.  You need to really visualise how far you have come and what you have achieved.  I can guarantee that there will be something there that you should be immensely proud of.

If you want a simple daily reminder and a beautiful image then just click here to download my FREE mobile wallpaper, it's yours to enjoy and give a reminder of that 'light' that is always there, we just need to truly 'see' it.

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