The essence of true emotion

Art that goes beyond the visual. A connection of emotions and lifes journey to some of the worlds most incredible animals.

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New release

Limited edition canvas print, hand signed with certificate of authenticity included.


Only 15 available worldwide

16x16 inches in black floating frame

Price £225.00

Original also available - £995.00

Painting by andy caddick

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Painting Life

From a blank canvas to a finished piece, the journey of creation is one that fills me with excitement everytime.

My subject matter is born from a passion for wildlife and the natural world we are blessed to share.

A husband, a father of three beautiful children and a family that I am blessed to share my life with, give me constant emotional inspiration to connect to the animals I paint.

My artwork is all about bringing that connection of emotion, that personal meaning of something so special to you, directly into your home in a unique and unparalleled artform that will be a lifetime of enjoyment and wonder.

My journey started with a butterfly, click below to find out more

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More than just a painting

''The aim of art is not to represent the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance'' Aristotle

Exclusively to you.......

During the past few of years, I have been priviledged to have exhibited and sold out my original art through some of the UK's most respected galleries. Those years have been wonderful and the path has opened many doors. Now for the first time, my work is available directly to you, and exclusively from me and I look forward to you joining me over the coming years on this new journey.

Limited edition canvas prints

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Beautifully presented limited edition canvas prints. Made to order and ready to hang. These are limited to edition sizes of 100 or 50 and are printed on canvas using the most advanced giclee printing technology from one of the worlds leading image labs. There is a choice of 3 framing options and each comes hand signed with a certificate of authenticity and document folder.

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* Prices from £395.00

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  • How it's done

    I use a combination of various techniques to create my artwork. I use the airbrush in combination with a number of techniques to create my artwork. I have been published in a number of airbrush magazines internationally in recognition of my work relating to realism.

  • Bringing tradition and technology together

    Using a combination of painting methods allows me to have access to a wide range of skill sets. Incorporating the strongest assets from different tools gives me a scope of freedom that isn't achievable from a single medium.

  • Taking away is just as important

    Sometimes, the paint I remove is just as important as the paint I put down. I have spent many years experimenting to find the most effective methods to render the images I'm aiming to portray.

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